Percussion Inventory

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Congas - Timbales - Bongos

Latin Percussion Giovanni Palladium Series: 

Quinto, Conga, Tumba, Super Tumba, with or without LP cradles or stands

Latin Percussion Natural: 

Quinto, Conga, Tumba, with or without LP cradles or stands.

Latin Percussion Timbales - Tito Puente Stainless Steel:

12” & 13” with stand, cowbell holder, sticks

14” & 15” with stand, cowbell holder, sticks

LP Bongos:

LP Generation 2 Natural, LP Galaxy , LP Matador, LP Bongo stands

Djembes - Cajons - Darbukas

Remo 14” Djembe with heavy duty x strap and/or stand

LP Galaxy 14” Djembe with strap and/or stand

Gon Bops Alex Acuna Cajon with snares

LP Ameicana Wood Cajon with snares

• DW Cajon Foot Pedal •

Meinl Engraved Darbuka 9"

Turkish Embossed Aluminum Darbuka 8"

Bells, Toys, and Other Percussion

Cowbells: LP Salsa big and small, LP Black Beauty big and small, Agogo bells, Hand Held Cowbells, Cowbell mounts and Gajate Pedals. Claves.

Wind Chimes: Double and single row with stands. Triangles big and small with beaters.

Blocks: Multiple sizes and mounts

Tambourines: Mounted, Unmounted Circular and Crescent, Pandieros

Shakers: Large variety including LP, Gon Bops, Rainsticks, Shekere, Maracas, Cabasas, Brazilian toys

Percussion Tables: LP 2 level with wings, Meinl attachments, and Single level LP tables

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