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Guitars - Electric

Fender Stratocaster, 50th Anniversary, Tobacco Sunburst

Fender Stratocaster, 40th Anniversary, Sunburst

Fender Stratocasster, 2000’s, Lefty, Arctic White

Fender Telecaster, American, Blonde, Maple Board

Fender Telecaster, American, Cherry Sunburst, Rosewood Board

Fender Telecaster, 2000’s, Lefty, Sunburst

GIbson Les Paul Goldtop, 2008, Custom Shop VOS, ‘57

Gibson Les Paul, 2007, Sunburst

Gibson Les Paul, 2012, Lemon Burst

Gibson ES335, 2010, Cherry

Paul Reed Smith, Hollowbody I, Cherry Burst

Paul Reed Smith, Starla, 2010, Cherry with Bigsby

Bass Guitars

Fender Precision, American, 4 & 5 string

Fender Jazz, American, 4 & 5 string

Modulus Quantum 5, Graphite Neck

Acoustic Guitars

Martin HD28

Taylor 514 CE, Acoustic/Electric

Taylor 414 Acoustic/Electric

Taylor 214 Acoiustic/Electric

Takamine EAN40C

Jazz Bass

Upton Jazz Bass, Adjustable Bridge, Thomastic Spirocre, Full Circle

Juzek Jazz Bass, Adjustable Bridge, Thomastic Spirocore, Full Circle

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