Drums & Percussion


DW Collectors Series 6 Pc. Kit.  Silver Sparkle (10,12,14,16,22, 14X5 snare)
DW Collectors Series 5 Pc. Kit. Gold Sparkle(10,12,14,22, 14X6 snare)
Ludwig American Series Jazz Kit (10,12, 14, 18 kik, 14X5 solid brass snare)
Pearl Export 5 Pc. (12,14,16, 22, 14X5 chrome snare)


LP Quinto, Conga, Tumba (Natural wood finish)
LP Bongos (Natural wood finish)
LP Tito Puente Timbalitos (Stainless Steel finish)
LP Tito Puente Timbales (Stainless Steel finish)
LP Djembe
LP Percussion Table
LP Cowbells, shakers, guira
Rhythm Tech Tamborines
Wind Chimes
All LP stands and attachments for above percussion


Zildjian K series studio 15,17,18,19 crash,  22ride, 15"hats
Zildjian A series 15,16,18, crash, 14"hat, 22" projection ride
Sabian El Sabor 15,17,19 crash, 14" hats
Zidjian Dark (Jazz cymbals) 14" hat, 22"ride
We also have many other cymbals and hat sizes in different brands.

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